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Clean room LED light


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Due to the high requirements for air quality, particulates, and bacteria in clean rooms, traditional lamps are prone to generate dust and bacteria, and are not suitable for clean rooms. Therefore, we need to use cleanroom led panel light dedicated to clean rooms. Next, let's talk about the advantages of clean room LED light.
1. Low energy
The energy consumption of LED purification lamps is more than 95% lower than that of incandescent lamps, and more than 75% lower than that of energy-saving lamps. Therefore, only LED is the real energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source.
2. Long use time
Under suitable current and voltage conditions, the service life of LED lamps can reach 50,000 hours, and the lamps can be used for more than 13 years when used for 10 hours a day.
3. Three major protection functions
Specially treated surface, anti-corrosion, dust and non-stick, easy to clean, fireproof.
As cleanroom LED light factory ,We have established quality management system and environmental management system according to ISO9001 standard, advanced production equipment, perfect production process, stable process control and strict performance testing, to ensure that each product is in line with international standards, to meet the requirements of clean room environment and GMP specifications.


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