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SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY clean room modular company Daily life


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Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

Our clean room includes China ISO Clean Room walls, clean room doors and windows, clean room lamps, clean room air shower room and transfer window. We also placed air handling unit and air duct to show how the room forms a laminar flow China ISO Clean Room. According to the flow state of air flow, there are mainly three types of clean rooms with air flow distribution: (1) Nonunidirectional flow clean room modular: formerly known as turbulent China pharma clean room, indoor air flow does not always flow in a single direction. The non-unidirectional flow clean room has several common characteristics: the terminal filter (high efficiency or sub-high efficiency) should be as close as possible to the clean room, which can be either directly connected to the air supply outlet or directly connected to the China pharma clean room air supply plenum of the room; The return air outlets are set at the lower part of the clean room to avoid the phenomenon of "flying ash". Eddy current exists in non-unidirectional flow clean rooms, which is not suitable for clean rooms with high cleanliness, but for China ISO clean room with 6-9 levels. (2) One-way flow clean room modular: The characteristics of the airflow in the one-way flow clean room are that the flow lines are parallel, flow in a single direction, and the wind speed is consistent on the cross section. There are vertical one-way clean room, quasi-vertical one-way flow, horizontal one-way flow Clean Room Modular, etc. (3) Vector clean room: the fan type HEPA filter can be used for pharmaceutical cleanroom air supply at the upper side of the room, and the fan type HEPA filter can also be used for pharmaceutical cleanroom air supply. The return air outlet is set at the lower part of the other side, and the height-to-length ratio of the room is generally 0.5~1. This clean room can also reach Grade 5 (Grade 100) cleanliness.


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