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How to package and delivery AHU?


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In the process of loading and unloading, the following points should be paid attention to: Goods should be evenly distributed in containers to avoid partial load or overload. Goods should be packed tightly in containers to avoid gaps or sloshing. The goods should be stacked in accordance with the principle of heavy before light, large before small, fragile before firm, to avoid damage or deformation. The goods should be stacked in accordance with the principle of "first out, then in, first down, then up" to avoid disassembly difficulties or delays. The cargo shall be reinforced or protected with appropriate fastening or cushioning materials to avoid slippage or collision. Inspect and seal containers. After the loading and unloading operation is completed, the cargo inside the container shall be inspected and counted, and the door of the container shall be closed and sealed after confirmation. In addition, attach information such as the cargo list and labels on the outside of the container to facilitate transportation and use.


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