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Something You Need to Know about Electronic Interlock System


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Release time: 06-27 09:45


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Electronic interlock device: the internal use of integrated circuit, electromagnetic lock, control panel, indicator light, etc., when one of the doors open, the other door open light is not bright, is to tell the door can not open, while the electromagnetic lock action to achieve interlocking. When the door is closed, the electromagnetic lock of the other door begins to work, and the indicator light will light to indicate that the other door can be opened. Electronic interlocks are generally installed in places that require automatic interlock control of more than two or three doors. The structure consists of three parts: electronic control device, electronic lock and electronic induction switch. After connecting the power supply, it can work. When the door of the room is closed, any door can be opened, and when a door is opened, the other door is automatically closed, so as to achieve the effect of sealing and isolating the adjacent room.


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