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Is the Electronic Interlock Device Essential for the Purification Workshop?


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Release time: 08-23 11:42


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The interlocking device is a smart and simple solution that ensures the air isolation in your purification workshop. It is designed to prevent the doors of the air lock or buffer room from opening simultaneously, thus creating a barrier between the clean and non-clean areas.The interlocking device is easy to install and operate. It works by using electric locks and indicator lights to control the opening and closing of the doors. When one door is open, the other door automatically locks and shows a red light. When both doors are closed, they show a green light and can be opened. The device also has a buzzer and a reset button for emergency situations.The interlocking device is suitable for various applications, such as laboratories, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, and other purification industries. It can be used in changing rooms, air locks, and other places where air isolation is required.The interlocking device is a must-have for any purification workshop that values quality and safety. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain the cleanliness of your work environment.


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