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High Quality European Standard Sockets Best Supplier


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Release time: 09-14 13:38


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

Hello and welcome to our video. Today we are going to show you our amazing European Standard Sockets that can meet all your electrical needs and are the perfect solution for your home or office. These sockets are not only compatible with the EU standard, but also suitable for input voltages ranging from 110-240Vac at 50/60Hz, making them ideal for use in various regions worldwide. They have a maximum output current of 16A and a maximum output power of 3500W, providing ample power for household and commercial applications. They are also equipped with a tempered glass panel that offers durability and impact resistance, and a PC plastic UL94V0 that ensures safety and longevity. You can choose from four different colors: white, black, gold, and gray, to match your interior design. And with L/N/GND wiring modes, you can connect different electrical components with flexibility. These sockets are easy to install and use, and we will show you how in this video. So stay tuned and let's get started.


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