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Introduction About Return Air Louvers


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The return air louver usually refers to a component in the air conditioning system whose function is to regulate and control the circulation of indoor air. In the central air conditioning or partial split air conditioning, the return air louver is located inside the air conditioning or on the wall of the room, its main function is to inhale the indoor air into the air conditioning unit, after filtration, heat exchange and other processing, and then sent back to the room by the air supply port to achieve the purpose of adjusting the indoor temperature, humidity and purifying the air. The blades are the core component of the louvers and consist of multiple parallel arranged blades that can be fixed or angled to control the flow and direction of air entering or leaving the interior space. The frame is the structural component that holds and supports the blade, and the material can be aluminum alloy, steel, or other metal or plastic material that is resistant to corrosion and strong enough. The return air louvers are built in or equipped with filters to capture and filter dust and other particles in the air returned to the air conditioning system to protect and maintain the cleanliness of the system. The panel can be easily opened and closed through the card slot structure, which is convenient for users to perform daily cleaning or equipment maintenance.


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