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PHARMA CLEAN——High Quality Cleanroom Products Shipped to Europe


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Release time: 03-19 14:24


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

Yesterday, four containers were packed and sent to Europe from Suzhou Pharma Machinery. These high quality goods include cleanroom sandwich panels, cleanroom door and windows, and LED panel lights. Clean room projects usually include the following key components: Building structure: The use of special materials to build the envelope structure to ensure sealing and dust resistance. Air handling system: Air conditioning purification system including high efficiency filter, air circulation filtration and constant temperature and humidity control. Air flow organization and pressure difference control system: through reasonable air supply outlet layout, return air outlet setting and wind speed control, form the different air flow patterns ; and the appropriate pressure difference between different regions is maintained to prevent the spread of pollution. Grounding and electrostatic prevention system: To prevent electrostatic damage to sensitive components, install grounding facilities and take ESD measures. Monitoring and testing system: real-time monitoring of the parameters of the clean room, including particle count, temperature and humidity, pressure difference, etc., and ensure that these parameters are maintained within the set standard range. Process equipment layout and people flow logistics planning: according to the production process requirements, scientific and reasonable arrangement of production equipment location, while planning personnel and materials access to reduce the impact on a clean environment. Later maintenance and management: develop strict operating procedures, regular maintenance plans and cleaning procedures to ensure long-term stable operation of the clean room. As one of the gray hair for clean room turnkey project, we are major in air purification products and solutions. Suzhou Pharma Machinery, hopefully to be your reliable supplier! Don’t wait longer, contact us right now!


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