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Easy-installation Soft Curtain Clean Booth Video Show


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Release time: 04-22 10:04


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

This is a video show about the Easy-installation Soft Curtain Clean Booth. It is a simple and flexible solution for clean spaces, commonly used in temporary or local situations that require a clean environment, which is based on a lightweight frame and uses soft transparent plastic curtains as the enclosure structure. It is equipped with an air filtration system, which can be quickly built and provide a certain level of cleanliness. Clean Booth is composed of lightweight frame, soft transparent curtain, air filtration system, fan filter unit, high efficiency filter, wind speed sensor, differential pressure meter, floor decoration, lighting system, electrical outlet switch, workbench and other parts. The advantages of soft curtain clean room are its low cost, fast construction, strong mobility, suitable for short-term projects, small batch production, sample testing, equipment maintenance and other occasions.


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