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PHARMA CLEAN Daily Delivery——Cleanroom Products Shipped to England


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Release time: 04-24 13:58


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

Today continue to share with you the daily delivery of Suzhou Pharma Machinery. A 40-foot high containers holds cleanroom products and accessories, including sandwich panels, glass windows, aluminum profiles, cleaning doors shipped to England. Suzhou Pharma gained clinets’ trust and signed with partners in Europe. PHARMA CLEAN is an experienced purification engineering company, who is committed to relying on the rich experience in the purification industry to provide customers with purification related products and professional solutions. We have a perfect sales and after-sales network, 7*24 hours to respond quickly. Our clean room products and purification engineering are widely used in pharmaceutical factories, food factories, cosmetic workshops, hospital operating rooms, ICU rooms, electronics factories, laboratories, biological engineering, precision instruments, fine chemicals and other industries. Welcome contact for consultant!


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