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The Integral Part of the Clean Room Design——Pass Box


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Release time: 05-28 09:39


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The pass box is usually designed as a two-door structure, and the two doors have an interlocking function, that is, only one door can be opened at the same time. Two doors are designed to mechanical interlocking and electronic interlocking. This design ensures the airflow isolation between clean areas and unclean areas and different levels of clean areas, avoids direct convection of air on both sides, and effectively prevents pollutants from spreading from one area to another, especially to prevent pollutants from low cleanliness areas from entering high cleanliness areas. It may be equipped with UV germicidal lamps, high efficiency filters, etc. These devices can carry out the necessary purification treatment on the goods during the transfer process, further eliminate the microorganisms, dust particles and other pollutants carried on the surface of the goods, and ensure that the goods entering the clean room meet the cleanliness requirements. In a word, pass boxes play a vital role in the clean room design.


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