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AIM of PHARMA CLEAN——To have high quality control before delivery


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Release time: 01-08 11:28


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

At the beginning of the New Year, Suzhou Pharma Machinery checked the production of high-quality sandwich panels and grasped every detail before shipping. It is our aim to have high quality control before delivery. As a leading provider of cleanroom project, we are interested in learning more about your cleanroom needs and how we can help you achieve your goals. We have extensive experience in cleanroom design, assembly of clean rooms, and maintaining cleanrooms for various industries and applications, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, semiconductor, aerospace, and more. Suzhou Pharma has been particularly active in the MENA area (Middle East & North Africa) since 2006, where we boast a considerable number of clean room turnkey projects. The progressive development of export figures has led PHARMA CLEAN to create its own sales network. A large number of stable design and engineering enterprises and general contractors who have received complete support on both the technical and commercial aspects related to the PHARMA CLEAN rooms, choose to trust us and work with us.


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