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PHARMA CLEAN-Welcome Georgia Customers


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Release time: 12-18 16:44


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,ltd. is one of the leading turnkey project providers for pharmaceutical, food, herbal, cosmetic, electronics factory and chemical plants.

In the cold Christmas month, Suzhou Pharma Machinery ushered in the customers, and they came from Morocco, Congo and other countries. In the meantime, many turnkey cleanroom project were completed by us. What a busy but happy time! Today I’ll show you the story about Georgia customers. The customer wanted to build a modular cleanroom. Just right, the products he needed were showed in our cleanroom sample. So we received him warmly and showed him products by details. There was hvac system, wall and ceiling panel system, and equipment, such as pass box, air shower,clean bench he wanted to know. The customer expressed great satisfaction after visiting our sample room, and their desire to establish a cooperative relationship with us. Actually,his main concern was installation. As a detail-oriented turnkey cleanroom project supplier, we would provide detailed 3D installation video after delivery, to ensure customers can install the modular cleanroom by themselves. I have to point out that our team checked all the goods and marked the installation number on each plate. At the same time, the outer package of each pallet is also numbered. We’ll ensure that the customer can immediately identify the installation when receiving the goods, PHARMA CLEAN is dedicated to keeping in contact with its customers even at the end of the installation, and is always available for any future request. We Suzhou Pharma engaged in cleanroom turnkey project for many years, our mainly products include: modular hard wall/soft wall cleanroom, clean booth, pass box, air shower, clean bench, fume hood and so on. And we have hundreds of successful cases around the world for Pharmaceutical, Food, Herbal, Cosmetic, Medical and health. PHARMA CLEAN look forward to cooperating with you!


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